Frequency graph of the W5-2106?

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Frequency graph of the W5-2106?

Beitrag von gammon » Mi 18. Jan 2017, 18:44


I'm interested in trying the TangBand W5-2106 speaker, as I use at the moment the W5-1611sa, and am not totally satisfyed with it (a bit too bright on the top).

On the datasheet is indicated that the usable frequency range goes from 40 to 17000 Hz, but on the frequency graph it goes to more than 20000 Hz, with a rising top end.
Is it really the frequency graph of that driver? Or does there exist another one more representative of the modifications that were applied on that driver?

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Re: Frequency graph of the W5-2106?

Beitrag von Nick » Do 19. Jan 2017, 10:25

the W5-1611 is not really bright on the top...
So the question is: how do you use the W5-1611???
Can you send your frequency response??
Probably you use a wrong notch filter and/ or baffle is too small.....

The graph of the W5-2106 is correct. The W5-2106 is brighter on the top comparing to the W5-1611...
Overall the W5-2106 is the better wider range unit. More clear and more detailed...

The usable frequency response is up to 20 kHz.


Recommendation for W5-1611: ... r-kit.html